Most parents want their children to develop optimally and reach their full potential in life. However, an increasing number of factors stand in the way of reaching these objectives:

  • Bad eating habits are common amongst children and dual income parents are not always around to monitor it on a daily basis. Performance pressure on kids also means less time to eat properly. Insufficient nutrition impacts negatively on growth and development as well as on the ability to really concentrate and stay physically active.
  • Increased levels of stress impacts negatively on their nervous system. The daily pace is faster and as result, stress-related conditions like burnout are common amongst children these days.
  • Children often need extra support for their immune systems. Besides stress and poor eating habits, other effects like seasonal change, also puts increased pressure on children’s immune systems. Other effects include increased pressure on the immune system of children.
  • On the psycho-physiological level, conditions like irritability, lack of appetite, insomnia, depression and hyperactivity have also become common amongst children.

The TurboKidz nutritional and supplementation range was formulated keeping in mind the dietary-, supplementation- and energy requirements of children.

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