Back @ school with TurboKidz

tk_headline_feb20152015 is here! New teachers, new classmates, new subjects or even a brand new school all have their own stresses and strains. TurboKidz is here to make your life easier, mom! Supermoms trust the TurboKidz range with active ingredients that can provide their little ones with their required dietary, supplementation and energy needs.

Why not add an additional New Year’s resolution and teach your little one to help you tidy up their mess? TurboKidz has the perfect tool to make mom’s life easier: The TurboKidz Reward Chart. This is a powerful parenting tool that can motivate your child to improve behaviour, do homework, complete chores and remind them to take their TurboKidz. Keeping a reward chart is a fantastic way to encourage positive behaviour and make chores fun! Saying ‘well done’ to your child is the very best way to promote good behaviour.

tk_rewardchartlink_feb2015The back to school rush is over and now you can fill your heart with new hopes, reach out for new opportunities and celebrate the New Year! Make 2015 your family’s best year ever with TurboKidz!


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