Strengthening of a person’s immune system

topimage2TurboKidz Smart Immune Syrup is the latest addition to the range of products providing targeted supplementation for growing children. Colds and flu are the most common childhood illnesses and young children often have one cold or flu infection after the other. Healthcare workers call this crèche syndrome, since children often pick up repeat infections from their day care facilities, which is not surprising since cold and flu viruses can live for 48 hours on surfaces. Since kids’ immune systems are vulnerable and still developing, their bodies are more susceptible to germs and bacteria at a young age, which explains why they fall ill quite often.

Transfer of germs may happen through contact with family members, friends and other sick kids at school. Besides direct contact, factors such as stress, poor eating habits, and additional effects like seasonal change, also put increased pressure on children’s immune systems.

Immunity and the natural strengthening of a person’s immune system are not yet well understood scientifically. However the best step people can take towards keeping their immune systems strong and healthy is to follow general good health guidelines as every part of the body functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy living strategies. Optimum nutrition is the main principle on which supplementing the daily diet is based. The focus is on increasing the intake of nutritional and herbal substances which support the immune function, have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which contain antioxidants and which are known for their disease fighting abilities.