Teaching kids to enjoy good food

Vitamins for childrenMoms tend to worry that their children are picky eaters and are not eating healthily. Good food is one of life’s great shared pleasures and teaching children to enjoy a wide variety of foods gives them a superb life skill and is a lovely shared family interest. Big tip for moms: Don’t over-emphasize health. Rather make food all about enjoyment!

There are lots of ideas in magazines and on the Internet for healthy and tasty children’s lunches and family meals. As in anything involving kids there are bound to be setbacks and parental frustration, so keep a sense of humour and look for alternatives. If your children don’t like broccoli, try beans. If they hate butternut and carrots try peaches, sweet potatoes or beetroot. As long as they are eating differently coloured fruit and vegetables that they like, go in peace (or is that peas?)

Apparently it can take around nine tastings before children take to a new food. Moms can introduce a new food every week or so in addition to giving them what they know and like. They may be more receptive if they hear that eating new things is a sign that they are growing up and all they have to do is try it and give their opinion. No pressure about finishing the portion.

Vitamins for childrenInvolving children in shopping and preparing meals and listening to their opinions is very empowering for them, especially if their suggestions for family meals and school lunchboxes are adopted. Their choices can be discussed around the table: Was the plate colourful and the meal delicious? What could be added to make it more interesting or healthy?

Children as young as two are happy to put on their little aprons and help cook, bearing in mind that the kitchen is second only to the bathroom as the most dangerous room in the house. Pot handles need to be turned in towards the stove, for example, and children kept away from hot, sharp or slippery dangers. Look out for local people who offer cooking courses to older children too.

Vitamins for childrenThe family bonding ritual of sitting around a dinner table boosts a love of good food. It allows everyone to talk about the day’s adventures while a PVR recorder takes the pressure off having to eat in front of the TV.

Moms may also like to have a look at the TURBOKIDZ nutritional and supplement range which was formulated with the dietary and energy requirements of children in mind. The range includes TURBOKIDZ Smart Milky Shakes in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. They not only taste great but provide additional supplementation for children, making them perfect as a meal replacement for picky eaters or snack on the go. TURBOKIDZ Smart
Milky Shakes are high in protein, calcium and energy, and very high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Also contains xylitol, and prebiotics (FOS).

Also in the range is TURBOKIDZ Smart Multi+. It’s a supplement formula in capsule, or chewable format for smaller kids, and contains vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, broccoli extract and amino acids that can support their growth and development. During exam time B-Vitamins, choline, L-Tyrosine, boron, manganese and taurine can provide an edge by supporting the nervous system with brain function, brain protection, memory and cognition.

TURBOKIDZ Smart Omega and TURBOKIDZ Omega Tutti Fruity chewable capsules contain the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and -6 which are needed to promote brain function and development and can also assist the body with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Vitamins for childrenRounding up the range is yummy strawberry flavoured TURBOKIDZ Smart Immune Syrup. It contains ingredients like pelargonium, grape seed extract and propolis as well as various vitamins required for a healthy immune system.

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