TurboKidz, your perfect study buddy!

Vitamins for kidsThis last half of the year always brings with it a breath of fresh exam air. Exam time is stressful and difficult for the whole family. Tempers are short making studying almost impossible! Exams need not be a stressful time provided the right mind set and preparation is taken into account. The secret lies in consistency and the belief that this too can be conquered.
When studying for exams, good nutrition often slides down the priority list. However, a long exam is like a mental marathon in which endurance is critical. The right food and drink can energise your system, improve your alertness and sustain you through long exam hours. On the other hand, the wrong dietary choices can make you feel sluggish and jittery. Good nutrition should be part of your study plan because it’s going to help you ace those tests. The better the fuel your brain gets, the better you’ll study. It’s a…well…no-brainer.

Meet TurboKidz, your perfect study buddy!
Moms may like to have a look at the TurboKidz nutritional and supplement range which was formulated with the dietary and energy requirements of children in mind. The range includes TurboKidz Smart Milky Shakes in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. They not only taste great but provide additional supplementation for children, making them perfect as a meal replacement or snack on the go during exam time. Also try TurboKidz Smart Omega Orange chewable capsules which contains the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and -6 which can promote brain function, concentration and can also assist the body with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Vitamins for kidsTips for exam time!

Exam time tips to beat the pressure:

  • Organise a study spot. Equip it with good lighting, fresh air, a comfortable chair and enough stationery.
  • Rest and play. To help relieve stress, clear your mind and lift your mood – get some fresh air, break up your study with short bursts of exercise of about 10 minutes.
  • Allow yourself some fun-time to relax
  • Drink lots of water. To provide energy to your brain cells, have healthy food and drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Get enough sleep. Adequate sleep is essential to ensure you can recall the information you have worked so hard to learn as well as to absorb the new information you read.
  • Don’t skip meals, particularly breakfast – For those who don’t want that eat in the morning try the TurboKidz Smart Shake.
  • Smart snacking – Opt for healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, popcorn, fruit scones, dried fruit, yoghurt or nuts to keep you going throughout the day. Or take the TurboKidz Smart Shake as a snack.
  • Supplement with the TurboKidz Smart Range – your perfect study buddy!

Secret to exam success – have fun, enjoy the challenge and leave the exam behind you when you have finished.

Wishing you all the best for the exams!

Vitamins for kidsExam tips for parents:

As parents we want our children to do well but often don’t know where to start. Here are some practical tips to help your child to study more successfully.

  1. Set realistic, achievable goals
    Guide your child to set goals that he feels he can achieve.
  2. Organise a study spot
    Set up a dedicated study spot together. Equip it with good lighting, fresh air, a comfortable chair and enough stationery. Avoid studying on the bed or in front of the TV!
  3. Music?
    Many people learn better with background music. Experiment to see if this benefits your child or not. Loud, strident music is not recommended, but rather melodic music-such as Mozart and the Beatles. Allow your child to have some say in this.
  4. Study timetable
    Break the material up into “”bite-sized “chunks. Do this together and ensure it is manageable. Don’t overload the child. Monitor their progress regularly and make adjustments as you go along.
  5. Tackle the material!
    Make the study material more manageable. Reading it through a few times is not going to make it stick. Ensure that the work is understood. Then help your child to pick out the key points and to define concepts. Use colour and different fonts…have fun!
  6. Praise and encourage!
    Keep praising for any positive efforts. Avoid extravagant or monetary rewards but rather think of simple rewards that will please your child and assure him that you are with him in the situation.
  7. Exam anxiety
    Remind them that they have prepared well. Make them realise that they are loved no matter what the exam result is.
  8. Last words
    Keep up the encouragement for EFFORT throughout. Find something positive from the experience no matter what the final marks are.

Remember that learning to study is a difficult process and takes time to develop so use each exam session as a new step in the process.

Wishing you a successful exam period!

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